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In the last fifteen years, the United States has lit up like a Christmas tree in terms of states that allow casino gambling now compared to the states that did so back then. More than that, Tribal Gaming has also gained a footing in a wider range of areas.

One of the most recent examples is the Encore Casino going up in Boston Harbor as of the time of this writing. The license was approved just a few short months ago and they will commence gambling operations in mid-2019.

In Idaho, one ballot measure is to allow video terminals that will enable people to bet on historical horse races on a pari-mutuel basis. While this sort of gambling is a far cry from fully licensed and regulated casinos with table games, slot machines, video poker, live poker, sports betting and all of the other forms of gambling, it's still a move in a more liberal direction

Pennsylvania is said to be considering allowing, "Parlors," which is limited Video Lottery Gambling that is administered directly by the Pennsylvania Lottery Commission. This would be similar to the type of gambling that they have in West Virginia in which operators are permitted to offer a restricted number of Video Lottery Terminals with a restricted number of games and possible return tables.

It's usually a matter of, "Necessity is the mother of invention," which is not actually a Plato quote, by the way. Anyway, as states face budget deficits, that's when they tend to warm up to the possibility of allowing gambling on the whole, or for states that already have certain legalized forms of gambling, expanding it.